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What is Idyllic


Idyllic’s goal is to give artists and creators more control over their intellectual property.

To be able to transfer the rights of reproduction and distribution of their intellectual property.

For Artists &

The mission is not only to help the artist but also to help people buy interests in intellectual property.

We want to allow the purchase of intellectual property to become easier and more affordable.


Idyllic allows NFT buyers to be engaged in active way with the token they purchased.
A fan becomes active by buying an NFT connected to copyrights and licensed intellectual property.

Our Strategy

How we do it

our mission

A Specialized NFT Platform

Idyllic exposes creators and artists with direct access to a massive audience of entrepreneurs; those who have both the need and want of original content for their projects and businesses. We create mechanisms for a copyright that can be bought by more than one entity. 

In scenarios where multiple potential buyers collaborate to buy attractive properties with great potential- A creator can mint a token that represents intellectual rights -such as copyrights- allowing for community management of that asset. 

This is the beginning of the age of the modern patron saints. Nothing is more powerful and more inspiring than a strong community coming together as patrons for creators and dreamers alike.

how it works

A Symbiotic Relationship

Idyllic is here for all types of creators. Not just artists, but inventors and innovators, as well. Great minds and souls will no longer be limited in their reach. The Idyllic community is here for them. Idyllic allows for a prosperous symbiotic relationship between creators and their fans and admirers.

Since Intellectual Property can be tokenized, imagine if one could buy an interest in the next big franchise or artist. We are past the days of just sitting on the sidelines admiring- We can now be a part of the growth of the art and the artist themselves.

community management

Engage Active Fandom

At Idyllic, we have coined the term “Active Fandom.” This means that Idyllic allows NFT buyers to be engaged in active way with the token they purchased. A fan becomes active by buying an NFT connected to copyrights and licensed intellectual property. They are involved in the management of the reproduction and use of the art or intellectual property. This can take place directly by buying a license or right in whole, or partially through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Idyllic works to create comprehensive governance mechanisms that allow DAOs to manage these intellectual properties more efficiently.


About Idyllic

Who we are


Demian understands the future is at the intersection of NFTs assignment of rights and DAO governance.

Demian Goldstraj, Esq. has been very interested in the cross section between NFTs and the legal sphere. NFTs have inherent smart contracts that simplify the transfer of these tokens on a blockchain. However, there are limitation to what NFTs can do, at this point. Not necessarily because of legal limitations, but rather because legal minds need to adapt NFTs as legally useful instruments, basically beyond their simple functions. Demian has worked tirelessly to find ways to expand the use of NFTs.

Recently, Demian completed a drop at Ethernity, which included a virtual DeLorean. This was the first virtual vehicle in the Ethernity metaverse. Demian founded Idyllic so that creators can tokenize intellectual rights, such as copyrights and trademarks; and enabling these rights to transfer via NFTs.

Additionally, Demian Goldstraj, Esq. has began  incorporating DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) into the Idyllic platform. The idea is that Creators can allow DAOs to purchase and manage intellectual property rights.

Demian Goldstraj, Esq. is a Miami native and graduated from the University of Miami. He received his Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University School of Law, and has a post graduate with Focus in communications from Harvard. He is a practicing attorney, and has been involved in the NFT space as a producer and an innovator.


NFT drop by Riocam x Blunt Action

DeLorean Drop