You can tokenize copyrights for art, plays, books, music, or just any copyrightable content. You can simply license your intellectual property.


It will be possible to tokenize and delegate or license patent right via the Idyllic platform.

Bill of Sale

Transfer of ownership of things like cars, motorcycles, and watches will be simplified and recorded via the Idyllic platform.

Bill of Lading

Combing NFTs and IOT we will be able to tokenize and monitor bills of lading. This will be for overland shipments, and will help to track of things like temperature, humidity, and light exposure.


How we do it

Our mission

A Specialized NFT Platform

Idyllic exposes creators and artists with direct access to a massive audience of entrepreneurs; those who have both the need and want of original content for their projects and businesses. We create mechanisms for a copyright that can be bought by more than one entity. 

In scenarios where multiple potential buyers collaborate to buy attractive properties with great potential- A creator can mint a token that represents intellectual rights -such as copyrights- allowing for community management of that asset. 

This is the beginning of the age of the modern patron saints. Nothing is more powerful and more inspiring than a strong community coming together as patrons for creators and dreamers alike.


These NFTs will allow for NFTs to be used both as access and measuring devices. They will add an entire new level of utility to NFTs. The use cases are endless and will encompass almost every facet of our daily lives.


Augmented Reality NFTs will bridge the gap between the digital and the physical. They will transform industries like advertising, tourism, and gaming.



These are contracts that allow users to act as a collective to negotiate terms at a massive level. In other words, decentralized collective bargaining for services and goods. Social Contracts will facilitate loose alliances between a multiplicity of providers and consumer. This will lead to better services, prices, and act as instruments that effectuate fair dealing on multiple levels. We call this mechanism Contractocy.

About US

Idyllic Collections

Idyllic has a passion for art and utility. Idyllic will produce collections with blue chip artists and brands. All idyllic collections will be interrelated. Meaning that if you own an NFT in one collection, then you may also be entitled to benefits from another. In other words, when you buy an IDYLLIC NFT you become a member of the IDYLLIC family.

Idyllic crew

The Team


Esq. (COO)

Focusing on the cross section between legal and NFT worlds.



Ops focused and bridging the gap between web3 and reality.


Esq. (CLO)

Focused on producing the coolest NFT products and drops.


UX producer

Visual concept.